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The Waving Turkish Flag In The Asian Pacific Ocean

The Waving Turkish Flag In The Asian Pacific Ocean

I’m calling on you from Manila this month. When the Los Angeles based interior designer Sir Parviz Pargari called me and told me that I had been nominated for the Sino-Phil Asia International Peace Award, at first I couldn’t find a single word to say. I was invited to the award ceremony to be held in Manila in its journalism branch of the foundation for nearly 20 years, due to my writings in various media, especially in MAG magazine, my approach to people and my unifying, active efforts for the benefit of society.

The Sino-Phil Asia International Peace Awards Foundation is a foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life for all. Bringing together medical professors, academics, artists, journalists, politicians and distinguished people from all over the world, combining their common resources to empower those who contribute to world peace, displaying with a unique perspective how peace can prosper in the world when the right people are brought together. They have international panels consisting of independent lawyers from each respective region from across the world with a strict selection criteria for identifying individuals in their areas of expertise.

Another important feature of the foundation is that they do not prefer to fill all categories such as audio-visual arts, education, creativity, environmental responsibility, medicine, journalism, public service, science and technology, and sports, every single year. Instead, the awards are given to individuals and corporate entities who are truly honored, known, who meet the desired criteria with their whole life and personality, and deserve it on the basis of merit. This foundation, which has The Rizal Knights, World Brother Chapter, Rotary Club International, Diliman Central Chapter among its founding strategic partners, is getting stronger every year in the international arena. Among their biggest goals is to be included in the United Nations.

I had no idea what I would experience when I got on the plane to Manila. It would be my first time in the Philippines. Lasting a total of a week, each day of the ceremony was filled with a wide variety of programs. This organization of the foundation is also very important in terms of promoting the country. Professors, academics, social figures, journalists, governors from all over the world would fill the city and attend meetings from one end of the capital to the other with a variety of events.I took a huge Turkish flag with me, ironed it in my hotel room and handed it over to the officials of the foundation.

The Foundation had meticulously organized everything in a highly professional manner. Police motorcycles and bodyguards escorted the buses carrying delegates from different parts of the world. They were with us everywhere we went. We toured the delightful city. In a study, the Philippines was said to be where some of the happiest people in the world live. In the capital, people’s lives are intertwined at both the upper and lower limits of the financial spectrum. Everyone indeed seemed to be very happy. All the taxi drivers were constantly making jokes.

Everyone has embraced life as it is. I will write my historical and cultural piece about Manila in the following months. Our program included the National Museum, Malacanang Palace, a trip to the Senate, and to a school to donate food and health supplies. Believe me, we experienced many different emotions there.

On the early morning of the award ceremony, there was a military parade in Rizal Park, which began with gunfire by the Philippine armed forces. After the parade, for which the state officials were also present, we received information on Dr. Jose Rizal – of whom the statues in the park commemorated – a national hero, poet, artist, philosopher, architectural genius, who was the pioneer of the Philippine fight for independence, and read his poems.

In the evening, we went to Shangri La Hotel for the award ceremony. At the ceremony, held there were high-ranking state officials, various ambassadors and consuls, and prominent people of the country, as well as of the Rizal Knights. I would like you to know these valuable and special people who received the world peace award:

  • Mr. Yan Chunqing from the People’s Republic of China
  • Professor Dr. Alok Sharma from India
  • Dr. Patricia Thompson from the UK,
  • Prof. Dr. Kevin Thompson from the UK
  • Dr. Reghis Romero from the Philippines,
  • Mr. Mher Baghdasarian from Armenia
  • Mr. Feliciano Belmonte from the Philippines
  • Artist Ms. Shohreh Solati from the United States
  • Mr. Augusto Nogueira from Portugal
  • Mr. Martin Maciak from the United States,
  • Mr. Adelio Angelito Cruz from the Philippines

These valuable people have successfully accomplished works in fields of medicine, technology, banking, business, climate-change, art, music, education, and media. They are people whose hearts are filled with love for the planet, and who see the world and humanity as one. After giving an incredible concert at the end of the ceremony, Iranian-American singer Ms. Shohreh Solati, she gave a speech in support of Iranian women who are currently going through very difficult times, raised the Iranian flag and expressed that we stand by them even from the other side of the world.

In a speech dedicated to students by the president of the foundation, Dr. Sir Billy Chan, inspired by Jose Rizal’s motto, Non Omnis Moriar, “I Will Not Die Completely,” also said that this ceremony, our awards, this special bond we established with the beautiful people we met, that these memories would never die, that they would always live with us.

Honorary President Sir Parviz Pargari, who is based in the USA, continues to undertake major projects in the Far East and Asia regions. I am very happy that he has also undertaken projects in Turkey.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Sino Phil Asia International Peace awards ceremonies, especially Sir Parviz Pargari and Dr. Sir Billy Chan.


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